Bedroom 2 - VICTORIA

Bedroom 2 Victoria de Zache Diseño
  • Collection: Bedrooms
  • Model: VICTORIA
  • Created by: Zache Diseño
  • Launching: 2017
  • Finished: View Options


Natural oak veneer
Beech wood
Chapiter: Antique Gold
Headboard Upholstered (Bed 180)

Headboard / Foulard: ZVL-CH1420.50
Stool / Cushions / Lampshades: ZVL-CH1421.50
Bedcover: ZVL-CH1366.32

Bedrooms made of beech solid wood and drawer fronts in MDF with natural oak veneer, different upholstery options as plain, pulls or capitoné. Possibility of making bedding, fronts for bedside tables or lamps matching. Chapiter of resin.

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